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food4kids Waterloo Region

Every Friday morning 870 kids in 55 schools in our community look forward with anticipation to pick up their backpack, where packages of nutritious food bags have been quietly placed, so that each child 14 and under in the family will have enough food for the weekend.

Each food bag contains a healthy, carefully chosen selection of fruits, vegetables, breads, cereals, milk, snacks and protein to ensure that they eat during the weekend while away from school.  Food costs are $10 per child. It isn’t a lot considering the benefits to the children, the family and ultimately, our community. Our food bags are much more than food – they represent hope and that a community cares about them which is life changing.

We also provide food support on all school breaks – Winter – March and all 9 weeks of summer ensuring that our children are always supported and nourished.

There are over 2,500 children living in severely food insecure homes in our community of Waterloo Region, and every step we take to achieve food security for even one child, is a step well taken.

Thank you for taking that step with us.

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